lease, rental, the order of automobile with the driver

service "Rent a car in St. Petersburg" now more than ever in demand among residents and visitors alike. Car with voditelem- is no longer a luxury but a means of transportation and in the modern pace of life without it anywhere.

Company ARENDA-AUTO-PETERBURG successfully working in this field and professional service Rent a car with driver VIP, VIP taxi in St. Petersburg, a minibus with a driver SPB, vintage cars for the wedding. We have proven itself as a successful and reliable shipping company, we have an impressive list of regular customers who are known in their circle ah, who regularly use our services, including:

  • rent a car for personal use;
  • rent a car for business purposes;
  • rent a car for a wedding;
  • Transfer to the airport and train stations;
  • meeting guests and their delivery to the destination;
  • tour of the city;
  • business trips;
  • Taxi VIP class;
  • Rent vintage cars;
  • convertible to a wedding;
  • Shop tours to Finland.  

    Our fleet

    We have a huge selection of the most modern, stylish and respectable in Paul to vintage cars, such as gas 13 Chaika Cadillac Eldorado convertible and.  Hire with driver, you can either of them, it all depends on the situation, your desires and possibilities. Rental Mercedes 221 s 222 Long with a driver in St. Petersburg, VIP cars and business class Mercedes, Limousine Hummer, Infiniti,  Eskalayd Cadillac, Chevrolet Tahoe, convertible Chrysler 300 C White, Mercedes G 500 - Wagen (Gelendvagen). Also possible to rent a minibus with a driver in St. Petersburg and economy class cars.  

    All our cars are in perfect technical condition, regular maintenance, have insurance Casco and CTP. Before leaving necessarily being tested car interior cleaning is carried out.

    Our drivers

    Our drivers have a great driving experience, well oriented in the city and well aware of the area. Polite, tactful, neat, they take you on time to your destination. Only one a phone call to our company and a professional driver will give the car to your doorstep.  

    Our advantages:

    1) Free waiting at the airport for half an hour in the case of a flight delay.

    2) Special price when re-ordering a car with driver in St. Petersburg.

    3) For permanent and corporate clients individual conditions of car rental with driver in St. Petersburg.

    4) assigned to a customer car and personal driver.

    5) Convenient (contractual) conditions of renting a car with a driver for a full day.

    6) Favorable nightly rates of car rental with driver.

    7) The contractual terms of the long-term car rental with driver in St. Petersburg.          8) Favorable rates for weddings.

    We have individual approach to each client and try to meet him wish. Our services - the best combination of price and quality!

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